The Best Baby Shower Game Ideas Part 3!!!

by Desi on June 24, 2011

 Continued from our last blogs, more unique baby shower games!  Check out these next two games, they are super fun and a good way to get some much needed extra diapers.  Be sure to check out our previous blogs to check out more fun baby shower games and there are lots more to come!

This game should be mandatory for all baby showers!! What an awesome and fun way to get the new mom stocked up on some wipes and diapers. I am actually soon attending a baby shower that is having a Lotto. The prize is going to be a gift basket full of goodies.

5) Baby Shower Lotto (Materials- Calendar with large calendar month dates, highlighter pen, and normal pen). Have the calendar of the month that the mother-to-be’s baby is due at the front door for guests when they arrive. Each day is divided into two parts: am and pm for the guests to choose from in picking the date and general time the baby will be born. Make sure to have the due date highlighted. Guests can “buy in” to a lotto ticket for a certain day (am or pm) that they think the baby will be born. The guest who guesses closest wins a baby shower gift, of course given after the baby is born. The fun part of the game is that the lotto tickets can be purchased by using something other than money that is useful to the parents. Instruct guests beforehand that a lotto tickets may be purchased with a diaper pack, baby bottles or baby whipes, etc. (Thank you to our visitors who gave us this great baby shower game!)

This funny baby shower game is super cheap and easy to set up. All you have to buy is some cotton balls. This game is so funny to watch how careful guests are to not drop the cotton balls when they don’t even have any scooped up!

6) Baby’s First Food (Salad Bowl, Cotton Balls, Big Salad Spoon). Set up a salad bowl in the middle of a table, and empty out two bags of cotton balls – spreading them out around the bowl. Blindfold the first baby shower guest and ask her to sit near bowl with a big spoon and see how many cotton balls she can spoon into the bowl in 3 minutes. It’s hilarious since you can’t feel the weight of the cotton balls, you don’t know what you’re doing. Whomever gets the most in the bowl wins! Ideally, you would let the baby shower “mommy to be” and her relatives play as well as the baby shower planner. Thanks visitor Karen for this idea!

I found these great games at Baby Shower 101

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