The Best Baby Shower Game Ideas Part 5!!!

by Desi on July 11, 2011

 Here are some more great baby shower games to try out at your next baby shower.  Most of these are all very inexpensive to do and any one can play these games.  Don’t forget to check out more of the top fun baby shower games on our previous blogs!

I personally have not tried this one, but it does sound very interesting.  You could even swap out the apple sauce for something else more fun (or tricky, like JELLO).  Lots of fun!

9) Apple Sauce Never Tasted So Good(Materials: large garbage bags, jars with applesauce, baby spoons). Pair up volunteers. Give each participant a garbage bag and instruct them to tear out a hole for their arms and head and then put on the trash bag to cover their clothing. Blindfold each participant. Give each participant a bowl of Applesauce with 5 or more tablespoons of Applesauce in it. Have each blindfolded team feed their partner the applesauce and the team who completes their jar the quickest wins. I’ve never seen so many people who couldn’t get the spoon to their partners mouth. Thanks Ja’Ponica for this idea as well!

This one is a funny baby shower game.  You think you are doing such a great job until you get to see your master piece, and everyone else’s.


10) Draw A Baby Game(Materials: Crayon and paper plate) – Each participant is given a paper plate and a crayon. They are asked to place the plate on their heads, like a hat. They are given 1 minute to draw a baby on the plate while holding it over their heads. They then write their names on the other side. Mother-to-be chooses the best drawing as the baby shower winner. Thanks for this idea Daima.

I found these great games at Baby Shower 101

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