The Best Baby Shower Game Ideas Part 8!!!

by Desi on July 22, 2011

Almost done with the top 20 funniest and uniquest baby shower games.  These next two baby shower games are very creative and fun to watch or participate and will require some activity and some brave participants!   

15) Baby Shower Food Race - (Materials: 4 blindfolds, 4 baby bottles, 4 plates, 4 baby food jars) – Get all baby shower guests that want to participate in pairs of 2. Each pair gets a baby food jar, baby bottle with apple juice(or some other type of drinkable liquid) and a blindfold. The one person in the pair that has the jar of baby food will get blindfolded and will have to feed their partner while both sitting across from each other in chairs. When they are done with the whole jar of baby food, the person blindfolded has to drink what is in the bottle to win. The first team to do this the quickest while racing wins! You can also have fun by replacing the baby food with Jell-O or pudding to make it taste better but place it in the jars for authentic purposes :) Thanks to Rebecca from El Paso for this great idea!

The Mommy Multi-Tasking game is absolutely hilarious!  I haven’t participated in this game before, however I did walk in while the party was playing it and was wondering what the heck was going on!  It was the funniest thing I had seen in a while! I Definitely recommend this baby shower game at your next baby shower event. 


16) Mommy Multi-Tasking- (Materials: two 5-6 foot pieces of rope, clothes pins, baby clothes or baby doll clothes, 2 laundry baskets, 2 baby dolls, and 2 telephones (you can use a toy phone, a cell phone, or whatever is available). To play this game, you have two people hold the ends of the rope. The players must hold a baby doll on their hip, talk on the phone (they must actually engage in a “conversation” on the phone) and the must put clothes (that are piled in the laundry basket on the floor) on the rope using their clothes pins. You put a one or two minute timer and the player to get the most items hung on the rope with out dropping the baby or stopping talking on the phone wins! The baby shower guests get a huge laugh watching everyone struggle with this awesome baby shower game! Thanks to Jackie from Fort Worth, TX for this great game!

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I found these great games at Baby Shower 101

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